Rent in St.-Petersburg and Moscow

Rent Agency “Arendafon”: quality selection of temporary housing.

Every tourist who arrived in the glorious city of St. Petersburg, or the one who, for whatever reasons, an urgent need to find temporary housing, thinks, where better to stay. There are many variants, but the most common - is:

  • Short stop at any hotel of St. Petersburg
  • Short term rentals (St.Petersburg) room, apartment or house,
  • long term rental housing
  • choice among mini hotels in St. Petersburg or in the suburbs,
  • selection of commercial real estate.

Search for housing can be different ways: to learn through friends, leafing through a newspaper with ads from unknown mini-hotels in St Petersburg, call reference, etc. There is also a search option residence via the Internet by visiting the special resources of real estate agencies. It is on this site, you are now.

Recently, these searches housing through the Internet is becoming more successful and relevant. A virtual network can not only find brief information about apartments, hotels in St. Petersburg, but also see the presentation of their interiors, photos of rooms with their own eyes. This enables the selection is not based on someone else's opinion, and make your own, reinforced by perceptions of what they saw. Naturally, the best hotels in St. Petersburg, after referring to its terms and quality of service, rather than later to regret the thoughtless choice.

Real Estate Agency Arendafon provides services related to rental of premises as a short-term and for a long time. We take a responsible approach to their work, helping you to find temporary housing (for example, number of mini-hotels of St. Petersburg), or commercial property in the best conditions.

The experience we have, helps us to bring your client to the ideal option for all parameters. However, we do not impose their opinions, offering you the best offers for self-selection. Just as you can, for example, book a hotel in St.Petersburg, suitable for you, not only by the number of stars and price category, but also on other indicators. This is the preferred style of interior, and real, and not by the state rooms, as well as other nuances, so important for good health.

Apartments, homes, hotel rooms, presentable five-star hotels or small mini-hotels.

in St. Petersburg through our site - it is a guarantee that the right moment you will be under the roof of the house.